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Business Models: Savvysoft has the resources and the capabilities to fulfill even your most challenging staffing requirements. Our greatest assets are our people at all levels, led by an experienced Management team. We have been successful in providing staffing solutions for Information Technology, Engineering and Administrative disciplines. Based on the requirements, the resources are placed onsite, offsite or offshore. Wherever necessary, we may position the resources in more than one location. Our Staffing business models include

  • Contract
  • Contract to Hire
  • Permanent


Our goal at Savvysoft is to find you the highest quality talent in the most efficient manner. Achieving the right fit between people and organizations requires personal attention, care, time and energy. That is the reason we, at Savvysoft, customize every search to the needs of our client, ensuring an ideal match for your organization.

Our Staffing process has been developed over the years and has inherent features for continuous improvement. The process has been designed to produce results faster with high quality. Salient features of our process are:

  • Requirements Analysis: We discuss with you and your technical team, your needs, the ideal candidate’s profile, the job description and your hiring process. We advise you on current market conditions and identify any red flags that would prevent you from making a successful hire
  • Research and Screening: An Account Management team is formed which uses references, networking, databases and job portals to identify all potential candidates. Each candidate is contacted and interviewed by our team for skills, attitude, interest, qualifications and experience
  • Interview Process: We submit you with a profile of all candidates who pass the initial screening. We help you select candidates for the interview, and then arrange those interviews
  • Final Selection: At this stage, you will have boiled down to a pool of highly qualified candidates. To finalize on a lead candidate is again a difficult task. We will advise you on candidate strengths and weaknesses, as well as our view of how they fit with your organization. We will also help you in preparing the offer which the candidate would find it hard to refuse
  • Offer Negotiation: We discuss with the candidate key elements of the offer, looking for any objections, negotiating differences and receiving a commitment that the candidate will accept the offer. Only then the formal offer would be given to the candidate helping you ensure the successful completion of your search
  • On Boarding: In this final stage of the process, we guide the candidate through resignation process and the likely counter-offer. We then follow up on all transition details, including relocation, to ensure a flawless transition to your organization. We periodically follow up with both you and your new employee to make sure the new relationship is off to a great start

Requirements Management System

Savvysoft utilizes an online portal developed in-house called Requirements Management System (RMS), which incorporates the full recruitment lifecycle. For each requirement, the RMS encapsulates all the specifications of the Client thereby enabling us to provide customized staffing solutions. The RMS, besides providing necessary inputs to the recruiters like Client type, Staffing model and interview methods, guides them in analyzing the quality and personality of the candidates.

The RMS helps us maintain the database of potential candidates who have successfully cleared our technical and personality tests. This enables us to source candidates matching the client’s requirements very quickly.

The RMS also has an inbuilt Quality Management System. This encompasses a feedback mechanism which is used to obtain and analyze our client’s feedback on candidate, recruiter and account manager and also the feedback from the candidates. The metrics collected serve as the cornerstone for improving our processes, performance and responsiveness.