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Savvysoft understands the various requirements of the clientele for technology and business. Our range of services addresses these requirements and help the clients improve business and productivity. Our team’s cross-functional expertise aids us in providing these services to a wide range of industries. Another advantage of our services is that we offer customized solutions to suit client’s needs.

Application Development & Migration  

Savvysoft is specialized in the development, migration and maintenance of web based custom applications in various technological platforms. It adopts a clearly defined project lifecycle methodology to develop the applications. In each of the lifecycle phases, necessary approvals from appropriate stakeholders of the application is obtained to proceed to the next phase to keep the rework at a negligible level and ensure utmost conformance with stated application requirements.

Savvysoft follows the Rational Unified Process/SCRUM/Xtreme Programming SDLC methodologies depending on the nature and scope of the project and at the same time it is also open to embrace any specific SDLC methodology prescribed by the client.

Savvysoft is CMMI Maturity level 3 appraised organization and all the project activities are carried out as per the level 3 guidelines.

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Database Development & Administration  

Organizations success depends on the availability and the effective utilization of Data and Information. Mission critical decisions are made based on the information available within the organization. In order to help organizations store information in a systematic manner and retrieve specific information, Savvysoft provides Database design and development solutions using systematic approach and best database tools. Our Solutions are flexible, Client-centric and designed to suit business needs.

We have qualified professionals skilled in database design and development using various database tools like Oracle, MS SQL, MS Access, MYSQL, DB2 and Sybase. Our database expertise includes

  • Server configuration
  • Data migration
  • Data modeling
  • Database design and programming
  • Database performance tuning
  • Database management
  • Database security
  • Backup and recovery solutions

We provide database administration support and the activities performed are

  • Backup & recovery
  • Database upgradation
  • Integrity verification
  • Security Management
  • Database up keeping
  • Performance optimization
  • Database setup and maintenance for development and testing activities
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Product Engineering

Savvysoft deputes a team comprising of functional and technical domain personnel to develop a product that is in total conformance with the client requirements. The products are developed in a phase manner viz. Research & analysis, Feasibility analysis, Requirements specification, architecture development, coding, testing, deployment and maintenance.

PDLC Diagram

IP Protection: Savvysoft enters into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client as well as its own employees who will be involved in the product development. Furthermore, Savvysoft enters into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the client in this regard.

Product strategy & Conceptualization: Our team of functional and technical domain personnel carries out extensive research on the market needs, competitor analysis and feasibility of developing such a product. Once the feasibility and profitability of such a product development is established, product requirements are developed. At each stage of this phase client is involved and consent will be obtained for proceeding to the next stage.

Product Development: Based on the functional requirements of the proposed product, a team of architectural experts, lead analysts, senior developers and developers develops the software requirements specifications, architecture, database, prototypes, implement code and perform unit and integration testing on the product components. At each stage of this phase client is involved and consent will be obtained for proceeding to the next stage.

Product Testing: Our team of test personnel performs extensive end to end system testing to verify the product’s conformance with functional and non-functional requirements set forth for the product. At each stage of this phase client is involved and consent is obtained for proceeding to the next stage.

Product Implementation: Our product implementation team assists the client in installing and configuring the product in the test environment and perform user acceptance testing to verify conformance. Technical and functional users are provided training to familiarize themselves with the nuances of the product.

Product Maintenance: Savvysoft provides dedicated resources for carrying out support services like maintenance of the product in the form bug fixing and minor changes and enhancements in the form of making major changes and incorporating new features in the product.

Product Migration: Savvysoft assists the client in the migration of the product to various other technological platforms by performing extensive analysis on the pros and cons of using such technologies formulate the migration strategies and perform the actual migration.

Product Internationalization & Localization: Savvysoft assists the client in developing the product to cater to the needs of international user community as well local user community in the form of providing product features in English and other international languages as well as keeping the aesthetics of the product in conformance with the requirements of the place in which the product will be used.

Product Innovation: Our team of functional and technical domain personnel carries out extensive research on improving the product features and incorporating new features in it in the form of market research, competitor analysis, standards verification and identification emerging trends in the functional and technological domains.

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Intranet & Portal Solutions

Savvysoft specializes in the development of corporate intranets and portals that would facilitate the clients to put all the information on their organizations and pertinent activities in one central location and provide easy access to all their employees.

We provide a comprehensive communication platform that is in line with the organization’s methods of information sharing across distributed locations. Our intranet solution is seamlessly customized to the specific roles of organizational members, activities and groups. This solution also provides customization facilities through the use of templates. These templates cater to several user groups and can further be customized to individual user preferences.

As part of the intranet solutions, Savvysoft provides services like:

  • Personalization of application pages
  • Secure Access Control
  • Appointment & Event calendar
  • Discussion forum
  • Collaboration management
  • News services
  • Standard and customized reports
  • Online documentation
  • Task reminders
  • Issue escalation alerts

Savvysoft’s portal solutions offer anytime/anywhere access, personalization preferences and collaborative task execution and management and support collaboration in a facile manner. It facilitates smooth integration of various other applications within the organization and from outside with it.

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e-Business Solutions

Savvysoft develops and delivers eBusiness solutions in a variety of technological platforms that provide measurable value for the clients. End-to-end eBusiness solutions are developed and built in such a manner that they seamlessly integrate with diverse business applications.

Our expertise includes providing web services solution and SOA consulting services; e-commerce application development and developing enterprise information portals.

As part of web services solution and SOA consulting services, Savvysoft provides custom development of:

  • Business analysis
  • Strategy, tactics and road map development
  • Architecture design, development and validation
  • Prototype design, development and validation
  • Implementation and testing services

As part of its e-commerce application development Savvysoft provides custom development of:

  • Product/Category selection options
  • Administration options
  • Design template options
  • Payment gateway integration options

As part of its enterprise portal development services Savvysoft provides custom development of:

  • Content management
  • Portal framework implementation and integration for corporate intranet
  • Back end integration for corporate intranet
  • Customizable features for various technologies and domains
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Data warehousing & Business Intelligence

Savvysoft has a team of dedicated personnel having extensive and proven experience in helping customers plan large-scale data-centric implementations that support critical information management needs. We help the clients to develop strategies for collecting, organizing and distributing internal and external data, to achieve specific business objectives. This includes assessing current strategies, tools and platforms and developing new ones. These measures enable financial savings, improved quality and accuracy of data as well as lower cost of ownership over the life of the systems.

Savvysoft provides a framework for integrating data from a variety of channels, including legacy applications, operational systems, data warehouses or data marts, external sources, web applications. Structures, processes and tools are identified to enable separate application systems to work together and deliver accurate, consistent data for timely decision-making. Savvysoft has extensive expertise in these areas:

  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

We offer the following core services in business intelligence:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Information Integration
  • Information Quality
  • Information Delivey
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Enterprise Architecture

Savvysoft facilitates the clients to close align their business and IT processes that results in reduced total cost of ownership and optimal utilization of the business process and IT process potentials. It provides the following services:

  • Enterprise architecture assessment
  • Enterprise architecture planning
  • Enterprise architecture creation
  • Enterprise architecture implementation
  • Enterpriser architecture program management

Savvysoft as part of its portfolio management services facilitates the clients to optimize the output of IT services for the betterment of the organizational business process components. It performs the following activities for the clients in the most optimal manner possible:

  • Developing catalog to list services provided by the IT department
  • Defining and managing IT services, SLAs and SLOs
  • Streamlining the delivery of services by efficiently and effectively manage the deployment services of the processes
  • Collecting service level metrics to generate reports and analyze them for conformance with standards and targets set
  • Linking IT services to other organizational resources

Determining the impact of changes made to the IT services on organizational activities.

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Enterprise Resource Planning, Implementation & Support

Savvysoft’s team of functional and technical personnel provides implementation assistance to establish and maintain ERP systems in the shortest time frame possible and at an affordable cost. Its high caliber people, proven processes and versatile tools ensure that the client reaps the maximum benefits out of the implementation.

Savvysoft provides the following services:

  • Work on client’s problem areas and recommend best possible solutions to choose from
  • Develop gap analysis report
  • Analyze and reengineer existing business processes
  • Identify and recommend the business flows for complete automation
  • Establish project scope and size
  • Facilitate system integration in the client organization to support complex systems integration and training processes
  • Support to existing implementations in the form of multi-lingual training and local language help desk support
  • Provide customization and scalability services to enhance and expand existing functionalities into new horizontal and verticals
  • Provide integration services to build interfaces to custom or third-party applications
  • Develop and deploy packaged applications based on popular ERP suites
  • Perform end- to- end implementation of the ERP package
  • Perform change management
  • Provide end-user training and prepare documents
  • Conduct product roll out across the enterprise
  • Assess and plan for system upgrade
  • Perform upgrade and enhancement on the identified modules
  • Post-implementation maintenance and support service
  • Perform audits on implementation services
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Project Management  

Savvysoft has significant expertise in managing a multitude of complex projects so that the client can leverage its expertise to improve the productivity of its projects that results in reduced total cost of ownership, improved quality and optimal usage of resources.

By leveraging the best practices of PMI’s PMBOK, PRINCE2, CMMI and Rational Unified Process methodologies, it prescribes the guidelines to be followed for the project management activities and the metrics to be collected to assess the health of the project to efficiently and effectively plan, organize, direct, monitor and control the project activities. A plethora of project status reports are developed to cater to the needs of various stakeholders to enable them to keep abreast of the project activities.

Savvysoft has a dedicated team of professionals to provide advisory services to the project activities. This team has specialized in providing the services of establishing project management framework that includes best practices, methodologies and tools. Further more it provides risk assessment, metric collection and analysis, training and documentation services to ensure maximum productivity in project outcomes.

For its project management related services, Savvysoft uses Interactive Project Management (iPM) tool that is an in house on-line project management tool that was developed based on the principles of Project Management Institute’s Project Management Book Of Knowledge (PMI-PMBOK) and Rational Unified Process’s best practices (RUP). It paves the way for iterative and collaborative project management.

At most transparency in project activities are ensured through the involvement of the client throughout the application development/maintenance life cycle. iPM consists of numerous modules like Project Management, Project Phases, Project Status, support etc. to take care of the various facets of software development and maintenance.

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Testing & Quality Assurance  

Savvysoft has a vast pool of test consultants who have extensive experience in performing various types of testing on products and applications. We provide requisite consultations to the clients to establish the testing models, methodologies and perform various types of testing on client's products and applications.

Our experienced software testing team formulates the appropriate test strategies depending on the type of products/applications and the technological platforms using which they have been developed.

Various test plans like unit test plan, integration test plan, system test plan and user acceptance test plan are developed depending on client requirements and the type of application to be tested. Test cases are developed based on approved requirements specifications. Defects are identified, notified and regression testing is performed on the changed codes till the issues get resolved. Only after all the benchmarks set forth for ascertaining test completion are met, product/application is released for subsequent levels (integration/system/user acceptance) of testing. All documents developed pertaining to testing are maintained in Visual Source Safe (VSS) configuration management tool.

Our team carries out specialized testing to ensure performance, security, usability and compatibility among others.

Savvysoft's process consultants provide comprehensive to the clients on process framework development and implementation based on process models like CMMI and ISO 9001:2000. Our team analyzes the existing process practices and performs gap analysis to ascertain the level of non-compliance with the process requirements and based on it prepares a road map for implementation of a refined/new set of process practices to adopt with.

We also perform periodical audits to measure the progress made on implementing the best practices and when and where required prescribes remedial measures and final audit to appraise the compliance of the project activities with the stated process requirements. Through this process our team ensures that the client project activities are carried out in a highly methodical manner.

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Infrastructure Management  

Savvysoft specializes in providing optimized infrastructure management services to clients so as to reduce the total cost of ownership to the client, judiciously use the available infrastructural resources and ensure confidentiality of the data assets of the client.

Savvysoft has proven expertise to manage desktops, servers, input/output devices, storage devices and network devices.

System administration: Savvysoft is specialized in providing system monitoring and administration services according to the client needs.  It coordinates with the clients to develop an effective strategy for monitoring and administering mission critical systems that run on various platforms.  It is ensured that the mission critical servers are operating at their highest capabilities and are protected from unplanned system down-time and a comprehensive backup/recovery plan is developed to protect the client data in the event of system failure.  

Savvysoft's network administration services include but not limited to : Monitoring network health and statistics, DNS monitoring and maintenance, Email infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, network intrusion detection, router and firewall maintenance. Based on the SLA between it and the client, Savvysoft provides the level of expertise needed utilizing the services of appropriately experienced resources.

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Staff Augmentation  

Savvysoft has been providing its Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) since the day of inception. Our service consists of

  • Resume Sourcing
  • Requirements Management
  • Interview Management
  • On-boarding Management
  • Account Governance

Savvysoft has an experienced RPO team consisting of Resource Managers, Sr. Recruiters, Recruiters and Sourcing Professionals. Our team has rich experience in working with direct clients as well VMS.

Our recruitment process is fully automated and the entire Requirements Management is managed through our in-house built portal, Requirements Management System (“RMS”). RMS has the complete repository of candidates resume and their availability which is constantly updated. RMS also has key performance metrics built in.

Savvysoft assigns an Account Manager, Resource Manager and a Team of Recruiters for the client exclusively. Savvysoft adheres strictly to the SLA’s of our clients. The performance is measured on a weekly basis by the Executive Management.

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