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Savvysoft using its in-house team has developed the following products for Project Management, Network Management and Payroll administration. These products incorporate our years of experience and are developed on a technical environment predominantly used and can be customized to any client’s specific needs.

iPM (Interactive Project Management)


iPM is an in house on-line project management tool that was developed based on the principles of Project Management Institute's Project Management Book Of Knowledge (PMI-PMBOK) and Rational Unified Process's best practices (RUP). It paves the way for iterative and collaborative project management

At most transparency in project activities are ensured through the involvement of the client throughout the application development/maintenance life cycle. iPM consists of numerous modules like Project Management, Project Phases, Project Status, support etc. to take care of the various facets of software development and maintenance.

Technologies Used

ASP. Net, C#.Net, HTML, CSS and SQL Server 2005.

Salient Features
  • In iPM tasks and milestones are defined phase and discipline wise as prescribed by the PMBOK, CMMI, RUP and agile methodologies.
  • Users are facilitated to gather details on them with effortless ease. Task/Milestone statuses are represented in different forms and colours as appropriate depending on schedule compliance.
  • Project resources are managed through the "Project Members" and "Time Management" modules in which personal, official, effort and absence details are captured and that provide vital information to the project managers as well as the clients to know about resource availability, effort distribution absence details etc. in real time mode in order to manage the project affairs smoothly.
  • Through the Project Management module over all project quality is regularly monitored and corrective actions are taken based on a careful analysis of various data on project activities like risk factors, change implementations, bug reports etc.
  • iPM provides excellent templates and reports for inspection and testing functions to ensure continuous improvement on the deliverable output quality and facility to upload various project related documents within it for easy reference and for reusability purpose
  • 24 * 7 availability.
  • User friendly features.
  • On demand information generation.
  • Customizable templates and features according to the chosen SDLC .
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NMS (Network Management System)


Savvysoft's NMS (Network Management System) is a software solution that helps Network Operators/Service Providers/Enterprise Network Administrators to manage their network infrastructure (TCP/IP networks) like Routers, Switches, and Network Hosts.

Technologies Used
  • Java SNMP APIs, Ping APIs.
  • Java 1.5 (Swing).
  • Network Socket Programming.
Salient Features
  • Network Discovery.
  • Fault Management.
  • Accounting Management.
  • Performance Monitoring.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Security Management.
  • Network Topology Views.
  • Savvysoft's NMS provides a unified view of the network and its operations and facilitate network management.
  • Savvysoft's NMS helps to pro-actively identifying network related issues before they become problems, isolating faults to prevent loss of connectivity, monitoring network resources usage and thus ensuring organizational productivity through its salient features which meets industry standards for proactive network management.

All devices in the network shall be discovered and critical resources like routers, switches, access servers which are SNMP enabled shall be polled and status monitored.

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Pay Perfect


Pay Perfect is a complete web based multi user payroll application capable of having multi company option based on branch or location. It consists of features to perform manipulations pertaining to time sheet maintenance of employees, wage processing, customized earnings and deductions, leave / perk / loan / reimbursements / arrears processing, flexible leave, OT, salary calculation, PF, labor welfare fund, TDS, earned leave, ESI calculations, remittances, bonus, compensatory off, special allowances calculations, comprehensive tax computation, IT process and remittances, temporary holding of an employee and employee settlement process. It also has facilities for backward integration with accounting for all the processes, schedule attendance and take payroll backups.

Pay Perfect helps to track general information, emergency information, wages information, employee evaluations and performance, benefits enrollment, time accrual tracking for vacation, sick leave, leave tracking and perk tracking. Its main advantage is that of providing tamper-proof security with full password protections definable by administrator. It also facilitates the creation & maintenance of documents repository and generate standard and custom reports based on specific criteria.

Technologies Used
  • Struts 1.1, Oracle 9i, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
Salient Features
  • User and role based access rights
  • Leave encashment process facility
  • Loan approval process facility
  • Perk approval process facility
  • Payroll configuration facility
  • Payroll reprocessing facility
  • Payroll policy implementation facility
  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Very user friendly
  • Compliance with various statutory requirements
  • Standard and customizable report templates
  • On demand information
  • Alert facilities
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Customizable features.
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