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Application Security Engineers

(8-10 years exp) Responsible to analyze, identify and resolve security issues related to software design and implementations of new and existing web deployments


Conduct appropriate security analysis, defenses and countermeasures at each phase of the software development lifecycle, to result in robust and reliable software

Implement, test and operate software security techniques in compliance with technical reference architecture

Provide engineering designs for new software solutions to help mitigate security vulnerabilities

Perform on-going security testing and code review to improve software security

Troubleshoot and debug issues that arise

Contribute to all levels of the architecture & maintain technical documentation

Consult team members on secure coding practices & develop familiarity with new tools and best practices

Required Qualifications

Software security engineering implementations for supporting highly scalable applications and web services using .NET technologies (ASP.NET, C#, MVC, SQL Server, Web Forms)

Software development experience in the following core languages: DNN, .NET and JavaScript

Techniques, standards and state-of-the art capabilities for authentication and authorization, applied cryptography, security vulnerabilities, remediation & research and development

Graduate in Computer Science engineering or related program with certification in Application Security

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