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Custom Workflow Portals (SaaS)

Software is destined to live in the cloud and we can do that for you

Whether your goal is to automate key business functions or streamline your custom workflows in the cloud or on-prem, our solutions can easily handle these tasks using a unique combination of commercial and custom developed modules.

Why Savvy

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Savvy builds and hosts powerful custom internal and external workflow applications suited for companies ranging from Fortune 1000 to small businesses to government agencies and we’ll work with you either hosting on premise or in a secure private cloud. We provide a guaranteed uptime and an included customer service/support team that our clients keep raving about.




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Capability Types

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CRM / ATS / Sales / Back-office

Transform your internal office technology stack with our Savvy app suite that will be configured to match your workflow, not the other way around.

External User Portals

Configured Apps that enable external users to enter and share data with you without compromising security like our Supplier Diversity solutions.

Custom Workflow

We will quickly and securely build out custom tailored apps using our proprietary Savvy framework to match your exact workflow / requirements.

Internal Savvy App Suite

The Savvy App Suite is what you need to manage your internal operations

Grow your business with Savvy’s App Suite which includes a variety of apps that can be used together or individually such as CRM, ATS, Sales, Project Management, HR & Back-Office. These tools originally built to service Savvy’s needs internally have been released to the public to help you grow your business. The apps can be used altogether with seamless integration between themselves or individually if you are only looking to update a single area. What is important to note is we will streamline the apps to fit your workflow because at the end of the day, a tool that doesn’t work for you might as well not work at all.

External User Portals

Enable External Users to securely integrate with your workflow

For customer or business facing companies, we provide custom workflow portals that enable external users to share and pull data based on your requirements. The user access levels are controlled from the client’s admin side, so external users will only be able to interact with data you want them to interact with. This proprietary framework is what is used to power our supplier diversity focused solutions that are used by 50+ Fortune 500 companies as well as government and certifying agencies. Our External User Portals have the configuration ability and all the great standard and custom modules as our internal portals such as Reports Builder, Outreach Center, Data and Document Management to name a few.

About Our SaaS
Custom Workflow

Let us custom tailor a portal to match your unique workflows

Our custom workflow solutions offer an alternative to expensive enterprise solutions that are hard to customize and harder to maintain. Our workflow model is focused on smooth user experience while offering higher level customizations for performing complex tasks involving different departments and ever changing business rules. Our portals are built on a proprietary framework developed to enable us to tailor portal workflows to the client needs easily. Many modules such as Document Management, Date Analytics, Data Interfacing, Data/Table management and several Outreach tools are pre-built in the solution that make our solution scalable for enterprise use.

Cloud Hosting

We’ll handle the cloud with a guaranteed 99% uptime

We have partnered with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Ntirety and Heroku to provide cloud hosting services to host our SaaS solutions and manage web portals for our customers. Our web portal is hosted in a secure cloud server, and we will monitor network resources both to the server and to the portal. Our cloud solutions include 99.9% uptime reliability, Disaster recovery services with geographically-dispersed data centers and Intrusion Detection System (IDS), firewalls and anti-virus/anti-malware software built into the infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Question

We want to make your lives easier by making your staffing efforts painless so don’t hesitate to talk to us on any of your staffing needs.

Using a portal that is tailored to your needs and can constantly be updated and improved will allow your business operations to run as efficiently as possible and push for growth at the same time.

As per our privacy policy we don’t disclose this publicly, but we work with 50+ Fortune 500 and government agencies on a recurring basis for their SaaS needs.

We support the common/popular integration options such as file-based and API based integration and have experience integrating and migrating data to/from top ERP/AP & custom systems as an example.

This varies from client to client, we will work with you to come to payment terms that works best for you. Typically our clients pay on a yearly basis as our cost is not a considerable amount.

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