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Supplier Sourcing and Locator

Easily Find & Engage New and Existing Suppliers

Our robust sourcing tools allow you to accelerate your sourcing workflow by making it easy to find existing and new diverse suppliers and engage with them. Don’t waste more time.


Sourcing just got a whole lot easier

Are you frustrated looking for and trying to engage with new small/diverse suppliers? Our supplier locator is a right fit to meet your need. Our tool has as robust advanced search capability that scans both suppliers already registered in your portal and various external databases maintained by certifying agencies and mapped to the STARS portal. You will have various search criteria such as external database name, diversity type, company name, NAICS code and state to name a few.


Our features will help you grow

  • Large Supplier Base (US & Non-US)
  • In-depth Supplier Profiles
  • Up-to-date Certification data
  • Robust Advanced Search
  • Easy Group Outreach
  • Collaborative Vetting Tools
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Large Supplier Base

Find Suppliers both in the US and Outside the US

Gain access to our external supplier database that pulls data from 100+ certifying agency and government agency databases. Our external supplier database is regularly updated so you can have the peace of mind of knowing the diversity data is right

Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring
In-depth Supplier Profiles

Get an Overview of the Supplier before Engaging

With our In-depth Supplier Profiles, you get on overview of all the diversity data and capability data that you want to know on the suppliers you want to engage with. Do all the research within the tool and easily engage.

Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Search & Engage

Robust Advanced Search and Engagement Tools

STARS has industry leading search technology to search on dynamic data-points easily and quickly find suppliers and once the suppliers have been found, you have access to a wide range of engagement tools.

Frequently Asked Question

We want to make your lives easier by streamlining supplier search so don’t hesitate to talk to us on any of your sourcing needs.

No more searching manually through the web or in your excel sheets! Use our robust search features to easily source suppliers for your opportunities and engage with them.

We have developed an automated process to update and validate our diversity data and our data team uses this process to constantly update the diversity data.

Yes! We have inbuilt collaborate vetting tools to vet suppliers and once you have found a group of suppliers you are interested to engage, you can simply invite them to an RFI or Survey with your custom questions.

We have robust simple and advanced search capabilities that include filtering on various data points. Perform any search you can think of and expect relevant results.

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