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Our payroll services are so reliable, on-time and hassle-free that you’ll wonder why you hadn't started sooner. Downsize your payroll team by leaving the mundane task of payroll processing to the experts meaning leave it to us.

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Payroll services are ongoing activities that are best managed by outsourcing to experts. Savvy has the expertise to ease the load on your back-office so they can focus on what's important. You can count on Savvy for a reliable and hassle-free experience. We’ll take care of everything from processing payroll to cutting checks so all you’ll have to worry about is making one regular payment and leave the rest to us. Combine with our staffing services and streamline your HR and Accounting divisions.




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Payment Processing

We have an automated processing system with manual verification handling everything from tax withholdings to disbursements.

Pay slips & Check cutting

We support both direct deposit and physical check cutting or a mix of both depending on the client and employee need.


We have 20+ years of experience managing payroll for companies and government agencies across the US.


We served both the public and private sector across many industries with over 100+ clients.

Security & Compliance

We are always up to date with security and compliance practices/reports while using the latest technologies.

Benefits Management

We handle benefits management and enrollment as well, including health, vision, life insurance etc.

Diversity Status

Take advantage of Savvy’s minority status to give you a boost with your supplier diversity initiatives.

Cost Savings

Going with us for payroll is a cheaper alternative to hiring additional payroll staff to manage your growth.

Easy Management/Approval

Easily approve employee hours before payment or review/audit payments afterward or a mix of both.

Compare Pay Periods for Quick Audits

Analyze and audit the differences between payrolls quickly with our online payroll solutions comparisons. You can view historical employee pay transactions and accurate system data for a complete picture of your payroll.

  • Compare previous and pending payrolls to catch any variations before processing.
  • View total amounts of a specific income or deduction without running a report, saving you valuable time.
  • See variations in tax amounts, 401(k), PTO, overtime, and the employees associated with those differences.

Paperless Cloud-Based Payroll Solutions

Leverage our online payroll system to achieve a 100% paperless payroll process.

  • Increase efficiency with online access to payroll reports and pay stub history to get back time in your day.
  • Reduce costs with direct deposit and paycard options for a healthier bottom line.
  • Eliminate manual processes by automating payroll and time tracking in a unified cloud-based payroll solution.

Frequently Asked Question

We want to make your lives easier by making your staffing efforts painless so don’t hesitate to talk to us on any of your staffing needs.

Instead of increasing the size of your payroll team, by outsourcing to us, we will take care of the entire payroll process from benefits management to payments being disbursed into employee accounts.

As per our privacy policy we don’t disclose this publicly, but we work with 100+ Fortune 500 and government agencies on a recurring basis for their payroll needs.

You can be as involved as you would like. Some clients like to approve hours worked every week, whereas others with salaried workers will let us take care of it and only tell us if there are changes.

This varies from client to client, we will work with you to come to payment terms that works best for you. Typically we see clients pay on a monthly basis.

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