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Economic Impact Analysis

Visualize the impact of your work in your local communities.

It can be hard to know how you are helping your local communities with your diversity spend, which is why we visualize the impact using our Economic Impact Analysis reports. See the impact!


Knowing your Diversity Impact got Easier

Our solution for Economic Impact Analysis and Reporting uses an Input-Output Model which is a combination of macro and micro analysis as it uses microeconomic data and behaviors of industry, household and government to assess macroeconomic impacts such as GDP, employment and income. We can see impact by State, Region, Business Unit, Commodity, etc. The list goes on. This method was crafted by economists and has been approved and used by the Department of Labor. Our clients love this feature because they can truly see the impact their diversity dollars have at the local level.


Some of metrics to understand your Impact

  • Supply Chain Impact
  • Employment Impact
  • Local Region Impact
  • State Impact
  • Business Unit Impact
  • Commodity Impact
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Supply Chain Impact

See your impact at each point in the Supply Chain

We are dedicated to helping our clients’ supply chain, business partners, and even their industries find the value in a measurably diverse business network using a powerful input-output modeling

Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Employment Impact

See how many jobs your diversity dollars are creating

With our analysis tools, you get an overview and detailed views into the number of jobs created categorized into various sections like State, Business Unit and Commodity to name a few.

Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Local Region Impact

See the impact you’re making in your local communities

One of the goals of diverse spend is to positively impact your local communities in which you and your suppliers operate. With our reports, you can see exactly how much of an impact you are making in these areas.

Frequently Asked Question

We want to make your lives easier by streamlining your impact analysis so don’t hesitate to talk to us on any of your economic impact reporting needs.

Until you are able to accurately report on your economic impact, it is hard to tell exactly what impact you are making. So, leave the complex analysis to us and visually see the impact you make!

We use an industry-standard method that was crafted by economists and has been approved and used by the Department of Labor to exactly show your impact.

Yes! When we calculate impact, we create a full report that will contain all categorizations or we can give you only for the ones you are looking for. There is no additional cost.

This is really up to the client, often times we see clients generate this report once a year and sometimes once a quarter. We will work with you on what you are looking for and provide that.

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