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Tier 2 Reporting

Tier 2 (or 3) Direct and/or Indirect Reporting for US/Global Suppliers

Streamlining Prime suppliers submittal and review of Tier 2 (direct and/or indirect) spend data for each period (quarterly/monthly/custom period) for each diversity type.


Have a Self-Managed Tier 2 Reporting Process

Through our tool, your prime suppliers can easily enter their Tier 2 (direct and/or indirect) spend data for each period (quarterly/monthly/custom) and submit the same for your review for spend goal compliance. Options exist for import of spend through Excel sheets, and for importing/capturing Tier 2 supplier details. This tool will automatically remind the prime suppliers to enter spend for each period and track all changes after submittal. Our tool also includes anomaly detection on spend data so you can know about variations. We can also integrate with your payments tracking system for payment validations.


Our features will help you grow

Direct and/or Indirect Spend
Custom Periods
Anomaly Detection & Validation
Robust Reporting Capabilities
Client-Focused Data Points
Amazing Support
Client-Focused Data Points

Ask Suppliers Anything you would Like

Capture only the data you want to see using the importance levels you want to set. We make it easily for you to manage your tier 2 program with various data points that are as needed.


Let Savvy do the Heavy Lifting

Using a wide range of automation the tool practically manages itself from reminder primes to submit spend to payments validation capabilities. Everyone gets access to our client loved customer support team.

Robust Reports

Get the Insights that mean the Most

We have a wide variety of standard reports which we have built over the years tailored to your unique data points and we also have robust ad-hoc report builder so you can build your own reports.

Frequently Asked Question

We want to make your lives easier by streamlining your tier 2 program so don’t hesitate to talk to us on any of your Tier 2 Spend Reporting needs.

Take the busy work of managing your tier 2 program and let our unique automation features run it for you. We also train and support all your prime suppliers so now one is in the dark..

Your portal is yours meaning we can change the design of portal to match your branding. We also have a lot of configuration options to change design on the fly by yourself as well.

Super Easy! We’ll support you along the way with included training and support for you and your suppliers and it’s super easy to increase or change the data points you want to collect in the portal.

As involved as you would like. When it comes to ensure primes are submitting reports, generally clients will let our system auto-reminder primes until it’s completed and our team is constantly monitoring and supporting.

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