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Tier 1 Analytics

Get the Tailored Tier 1 Analytics you deserve

Using the latest integration options, we’ll pull, cleanse and enrich your Tier 1 data (from ERP/AP systems) and give various reporting options, then optionally push the data back.


We’ll mold to your Tier 1 Analytic Needs

The hallmark of our solution is the ability for import and storage of your tier 1 supplier profile and periodical spend data for efficient tracking. We provide multiple options and wide range of financial data points to be loaded into our portal and offer a highly customized set of reports for you to track the spend with your tier 1 diverse and non-diverse suppliers. We combine our data enrichment program to ensure the supplier classifications are always updated for accurate analysis of spend performance and projection.

About Our SaaS

Our features will help you grow

  • Client-Focused Data Points
  • Many Integration Options
  • Custom Periods/Frequency
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities
  • Amazing Support
  • Easy Automation/Validation
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Client-Focused Data Points

Get Insights based on Your Data Points

No matter what data-points you have and configurations, rules and periods/frequencies you have set on them, we’ll capture it. Our reports module will easily mold to your data points as well.

Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring

We Support the Top Integration Options

We support the top Integration Options and have integrate with our clients large AP / ERP systems including integration with multiple data sources. We’ll setup the process for you.

Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring
Robust Reports

Get the Insights that mean the Most

We have a wide variety of standard reports which we have built over the years tailored to your unique data points and we also have robust ad-hoc report builder so you can build your own reports.

Frequently Asked Question

We want to make your lives easier by simplifying getting insights on your Tier 1 Data so don’t hesitate to talk to us on any of your Tier 1 Analytics needs.

It can be a difficult process to pull reports from a variety of sources to get insights into your Tier 1 data. We’ll streamline that with data scrubbing and enrichment and give your easy to use reports.

We have a robust DataFlow module that makes it easy for us to import your data regardless of number of sources as well as push the enriched data back into your systems

The answer is Yes! We have integrated with many of our Fortune 500 clients’ complex AP / ERP systems using popular integration options so there’s a good chance we integrate with yours. If not, we will build out the integration.

Yes! We have done this for many clients and we have configurations in our Data Flow module that handles such items among other things. You won’t have to worry about the complexity of your data.

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