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Certification & Compliance Hub

Easily Certify and Manage Suppliers and Ensure Contract Compliance.

This flavor of STARS is focused specifically toward Certifying Agencies and Government Agencies with the goal of streamlining both the Certification process of new and existing suppliers as well as ensuring Contract Compliance.

Amazing Customer Service

Our clients love their dedicated account managers, our multi-channel support team and our super-fast response times.

Your Portal is Yours

This means we can configure your portal to your need and liking without the limitations of a shared environment (unlike our competitors).

Competitive Fixed Price

We have a competitive fixed price model with unlimited users and storage. If you’re worried about price ask us about price matching.

Features Overview

You choose what modules you want to use

Supplier Registration

Client branded module for supplier self-registration and certification management where the data points to be captured are completely configurable by you. Ask what you want to know and search on it.

Certification Review

Have a tailored review workflow that matches your exact process not the other way around. We will also work with you to add automation in the right areas to speed up the process.

Tier 2 Spend Reporting

Streamlining Prime suppliers submittal and Supplier Validation of Tier 2 (direct and/or indirect) spend data for each period (quarterly/monthly/custom period) at Prime/Contract/Agency levels.

Contracts Management & Audit

Manage and audit various aspects of each contract such as Spend Goals and Payments Validation and take advantage of our automation such as Payments Anomaly Detection.

Supplier & Opportunities Listing

Enable Internal and/or public users to search on Certified and Non-Certified Suppliers and on new opportunities using various robust search options. You choose what they see.

Engagement & Outreach Center

Our Engagement Center gives you various ways of inviting, engaging and vetting new and existing suppliers using tools such as RFIs/Surveys, organizing events or email outreach to name a few.

Reports Builder

Use our configured standard reports or use our robust Reports Builder to easily build your own ad-hoc reports in minutes and share with whoever you choose.

Admin Tools

Our portal has a wide range of admin and portal configuration tools built in such as User and Access management as well as the portal manager that lets you change data points and access to your liking.

Multi-Channel Support

You’ll get a dedicated account manager to hold your hand the entire way and you and your suppliers will have access to our multi-channel customer support that has a record for fast responses.


See why so many clients trust us

VIVA has a deep history of providing powerful SaaS applications for Fortune 1000 to government clients. Regarding our STARS – Supplier Diversity hub, VIVA has consistently scored high in the following areas of importance for supplier diversity leaders like you

  • Customer Service – Multi-channel support & training for all along with a dedicated Account Manager to hold your hand
  • Customizable Client Instance – Your portal is yours (not shared) which means it can be configured to your workflow (unlike our competitors)
  • Security – Built using the same framework used by many Dept of Defense portals with regular 3rd party penetration tests run and layered Disaster Recovery Protocols
  • Pricing – flat price with unlimited users and storage – no hidden fees or number of user pricing
  • Certified Woman-Owned & Minority-Owned – We know the supplier diversity space as we have been one for over 20 years



Delivery Ops




Happy Clients


Easily manage your Diverse & Non-Diverse Supplier Base

Client branded module for supplier self-registration for diverse or non-diverse suppliers. Suppliers can apply for or renew single or multiple certifications as well as get access to the certified supplier base (if the client allows) to engage with for projects. Registration and certification applications data points required by suppliers can be easy configured within the portal by an admin. Once the suppliers have entered the system they can be easily found and engaged by your sourcing team using our various engagement, vetting and outreach options. In the Client Side, internal users will have a review workflow customized to fit your review process not the other way around which can include a Site Visits section. Internal users also have access to Sourcing, Engagement and Outreach tools and section.


Take the pain out of Contracts Compliance and Auditing

Manage all or some of your contracts in the portal or pull them from your systems using our integration options. Regarding Tier 2 Spend, Prime suppliers can report direct and/or indirect spend at various levels (including at the contract level) and tier 2 suppliers can validate payments. Our spend reporting module also includes Anomaly Detection to better assist in the audit process. In the Client Side, internal users will have an audit workflow that is tailor to your audit process and has various pre-built compliance and audit tools such as spend goal tracking, site visits and Payments validations. Audits can be performed at intervals set by the client and access levels can be set down to the contract or supplier.

Frequently Asked Question

We want to make your lives easier by streamlining your supplier management process so don’t hesitate to talk to us on any of your supplier registration needs.

Ditch the paper management or your clunky old system. Our tool takes advantage of the latest technologies and automation to streamline your process so you can complete your tasks faster and more accurately.

As per our privacy policy we don’t disclose this publicly, but we host certification and compliance portals for several certifying agencies and government agencies to help them better manage their process.

We support the common/popular integration options such as file-based and API based integration and have experience integrating and migrating data to/from top ERP/AP & custom systems as an example.

This varies from client to client, we will work with you to come to payment terms that works best for you. Typically our clients pay on a yearly basis as our cost is not a considerable amount.

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